The T'ai Chi Ohana

Discover the inner peace and tranquility of the ancient Chinese martial art for health and defense.

Our Primary form is the Yang Long Form as taught by Yang Chengfu to Dong Yingjie to T.Y. Pang to Stan Rossi to Donna Minshew.

T'ai Chi Chuan is a martial art and you will be taught and expected to learn the martial applications for every posture in the form. That being said, I hope that you never find yourself in a position where you have to use them. But I know that everyone can use better balance and stress reduction every day.

T'ai Chi Training increases mind/body awareness and improves balance, flexibility, muscular endurance. It is a perfect exercise to relieve the daily stress inherent in modern society. The movements are gentle, graceful, and coordinated with natural breathing patterns. Our classes are conducted in a relaxed manner, taking into account that not everyone is built the same.

"Follow along the best you can. Right or wrong doesn't matter when you first begin. Practice just practice... and if you understand and follow the principles, the form will be correct."

Stan Rossi

Sifu Donna Minshew In Memory of Master Stanley B. Rossi

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About the Instructor

Donna Minshew studied with Master Stan Rossi for nine and a half years.

She has 19 years of training in T'ai Chi Ch'uan and has 17 years of teaching experience.

Donna has received numerous medals including AAU National Gold Medals for Yang Style in 2000, 2001, and 2002, and for Yang Style Saber in 2000 and 2001. She also received International Gold Medals at the Taiji Legacy for the 2002 Taiji Musical Team, the 2004 Advanced Division Yang Long Form, the 2004 Advanced Division Yang Saber Form, as well as earning a Silver Medal at the 2004 Taiji Legacy for the Advanced Division Chen Form. She then retired from competing and began judging at AAU tournaments and at the Legends of Kung Fu.

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cell: (512) 999-1736

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